About Us

We provide tools and knowledge for organizations to learn & develop their strategy execution capabilities.
Our goal is to support organizations in re-connecting with their people to connect them to organization’s strategy.

How do we work?

We learn about the organization we work with, and aim to provide long-term solutions for achieving success. There are no solutions that we ‘sell’ as standardized packages. Instead, we design a tailored solution for each organization. This is because we believe that every organization and people working in it are unique.

In every organization we can find wonderful practices and processes. We try to find those hidden pearls in the organizations we work with and uplift them for the wider use. We are not afraid to say that we learn from organizations that we work with, the same way the organizations learn from us. We are happy to grow together!

Would you like to work as a team to get your strategies implemented successfully?

Aušrinė Šilenskytė, Ph.D.

Ausrine Silenskyte

Founder & Consultant

Let’s get in contact & collaborate on making strategy execution successful and people happy in the company!