Engaging people
with your strategy
& Newest technology

Strategy execution
is a win-win for
the company & its people

We help companies understand their people better, build structures and processes that support people engagement.
We coach company leaders to support change and strategy implementation through collaboration and teamwork.
We reveal how international firms can benefit from the newest technology, such as blockchain.

Why people’s aspirations matter when executing strategy?

If we align people and company goals, strategic alignment is warranted

Why do we need to understand people of different backgrounds to reach execution success?

Diversity brings more innovations, and therefore, more innovative ways to implement strategies

What systems and structures are best for strategy execution?

Those systems that support dialogue among diverse organizational members. If systems support team’s shared understanding about strategic direction, team will find ways to reach the goals set.

Who are the change and strategy execution leaders?

Everyone in the company! Not only top or line managers. Operational level managers and team members can be the best strategy advocates, if we know how to work with them.

What is the leadership style needed to execute strategy successfully?

Research suggests Transformational leadership. Practice names it “Leadership as a service”. Leaders who are ready to serve their team, gets served back by their teams at least threefold.

How to communicate about Company’s strategy to support its execution?

Priority of key messages are needed. But most importantly, the messages need to be “translated” to the context of the work that people in the company do every day.